What are the 11th 12th and 13th holes at Augusta? (2023)

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What are the 11th 12th and 13th holes at Augusta?

Augusta National's 11th, 12th, and 13th holes are called “Amen Corner.” The name was attributed to Sports Illustrated writer Herbert Warren Wind who christened it such. He was describing the way Arnold Palmer played those holes in a somewhat miraculous manner.

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What do they call holes 11 13 at Augusta?

Sports Illustrated golf writer Herbert Warren Wind dubbed the 11th, 12th and 13th holes "Amen Corner" after the 1958 Masters: "On the afternoon before the start of the recent Masters golf tournament, a wonderfully evocative ceremony took place at the farthest reach of the Augusta National Course -- down in the Amen ...

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What are holes 11 12 and 13 referred to as?

Amen Corner is a corner-shaped area covering the most challenging holes at Augusta National Golf Club, the host of the annual Masters Tournament. The holes referred to by the term Amen Corner include the 11th, 12th, and 13th holes at Augusta National.

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What is the 13th hole at the Masters called?

One of the most iconic holes at Augusta National will look slightly different for the 2023 Masters. The par-5 13th, commonly known as Azalea, will play 545 yards at this year's tournament. That's an increase of 35 yards up from its prior length of 510 yards.

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What is the 12th hole at Augusta Yards?

The 12th hole has been a heartbreaker from the start. Its fickle winds, narrow green and looming water have thwarted many runs for the Masters title. Forsythia intermedia is a hardy, deciduous shrub native to the Far East and belonging to the Olive family.

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What is hole number 14 in the Masters?

A fairway bunker that once sat to the right of the landing area was removed after the 1952 Masters, making this the only hole at Augusta National that does not have a single bunker. The exotic Cunninghamia lanceolata, native to China, is an unusual evergreen.

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What is the hardest hole at the Masters?

The hardest hole at Augusta National is the tenth hole, also known by its nickname “Camellia.” The hole is the number one handicap hole on the scorecard, and consistently plays over par at the Masters. As of 2023, the scoring average on the tenth hole is 4.30, well above the par of 4.

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What is the most famous hole at the Masters?

Arguably the most famous stretch of holes in golf, Augusta National's Amen Corner plays a key role in deciding the winner of the Masters.

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What is it called if you go 5 under on a hole?

What is a score of 5-under-par on a single golf hole called? That's an ostrich. And if you ever make one, you might just be the first golfer anywhere who's ever made one.

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What is 3 under on a hole called?

For hole completions three strokes under par is recognized in golf as Albatross. This is also known as “double eagle” in relation to the “birdie” and “eagle” theme. More on albatross in golf here. The reasoning for the name is that albatross is a very rare bird and so is scoring three under par.

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What hole do they skip Masters?

There are several fun traditions during Masters week, including players skipping balls on the water at the par-3 16th hole. Usually it's all just fun and games with the shot—it's an opportunity for guys to do something they've seen many players pull off in years past.

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What is the hardest hole at Augusta Masters?

Jordan Spieth hits his tee shot on the 12th hole during the third round of the Masters tournament on Sunday, April 9, 2023 at Augusta National Golf Club. How it played: Augusta National's shortest hole turned out to be the Masters' toughest hole in the final round.

What are the 11th 12th and 13th holes at Augusta? (2023)
What is the prettiest hole at Augusta National?

Perhaps the world's most beautiful parkland hole, Augusta National's 13th has long been one of the most strategic as well, illustrating perfectly co-designer Bobby Jones' fondness for what he liked to call a “par four and a half” hole.

How much does it cost to play 18 holes in Augusta?

Hundreds of Golfers have made their Augusta dream come true by travelling with us. The average cost of tickets for a practice round day is USD 1500 and for a tournament round day is USD 3,000.

What is hole number 7 at Augusta?

The seventh hole lacked character until Horton Smith, the 1934 and 1936 Masters champion, suggested that the green be rebuilt and that bunkers be added. The hole is named for its distinctive pampas grass, Cortaderia selloana.

What is the prize for a hole-in-one at Augusta?

The crystal highball glasses given to any player who makes an eagle at the Masters. If a player makes a hole-in-one, they receive a large crystal bowl. Hole out for the rare double eagle, er, albatross, and you also take home a crystal bowl.

What is the 16th hole at the Masters called?

The Masters: Hole #16 Redbud.

What is hole number 16 at Augusta?

16 is set up for birdies in the final round of Masters Tournaments and typically produces roars from the crowd. But it's a full carry over water, so there are usually some groans, too. Three bunkers surround the green, which has a pronounced tilt from right to left.

What is hole number 15 at the Masters?

Scoring Stats on Augusta National Hole 15

The all-time Masters tournament scoring average on No. 15 is 4.77 strokes, which ranks Firethorn as the second-easiest hole on the golf course. The hole didn't play easy in 1998, however, when Firethorn played over par at 5.10 strokes.

What is the easiest hole at the Masters?

Historically, the 13th has played as the easiest hole at the Masters, especially in recent years with big hitters cutting the corner of the dogleg which left them with a middle to short iron into the green for their second shot.

What is the easiest hole to make a birdie at the Masters?

If you hit it hole high, even if you're a little left or a little right of it, you're going to have a decent chance of making a birdie. Back right is probably the most difficult hole location, and front right is the easiest.

Why is the 12th hole at Augusta so hard?

For those keeping score at home, you have 5.5 yards either way for distance. From that distance, it is difficult to hit a shot in that area with no pressure and no wind! The wind is brutal on 12 as well. It may be windy on the rest of the course but it swirls in the bottom left corner of Augusta National Golf Club.

What is every hole called at Augusta?

The Augusta National Hole Names
No. 1Tea OliveCamellia
No. 2Pink DogwoodWhite Dogwood
No. 3Flowering PeachGolden Bell
No. 4Flowering Crab AppleAzalea
No. 5MagnoliaChinese Fir
4 more rows
Nov 4, 2019

What is the shortest hole at Augusta?

Augusta's 12th hole is the shortest par-3 on the course, but one of the course's toughest holes.

Why is it called amen?

Popular among some theosophists, proponents of Afrocentric theories of history, and adherents of esoteric Christianity is the conjecture that amen is a derivative of the name of the Egyptian god Amun (which is sometimes also spelled Amen).

Has anyone aced a par 5?

The rarest of all golf shots is an almost mythical creature. An ace of a par 5 – typically one of the longest holes on any golf course – is known as a “condor.” Through 2021, there are only six known official condors in the world.

What does E mean in golf?

Most 18-hole golf courses range from par 70 to 72. When the number of strokes taken matches par, it's considered even par, signified with an "E" on most scoreboards. ADVERTISEMENT. If a player completes the hole in one shot less par, or birdie, minus 1 is calculated on the scoreboard.

Has there ever been a triple eagle?

Hole in One on a Par Five

If you do manage to hit an ace on par-5, you'll get what is known as a condor or a triple eagle! Shaun Lynch achieved a hole in one on a par 5 with a 3-iron in 1995.

What is a turkey in golf terms?

For it refers to a hat-trick – a trio of birdies in succession in one round of golf. It's a great thing, but don't you think turkey is an odd word?

What is a bad shot in golf called?

Shank - A shot struck on the clubs hosel that travels dead right (for a right-handed player). The shank is typically considered the worst shot in golf – even worse than a “whiff”.

What is better than Eagle in golf?

While the three-under hole is still referred to as a “double-eagle” in the US, just about everywhere else in the world has adopted the British term for the feat, the Albatross. Bigger and even more rare than an eagle, it is a fitting name for one of the rarest feats in golf.

Has anyone ever made a hole-in-one at the Masters?

The last hole-in-one at the Masters was in 2022 when Stewart Cink aced the 16th hole. There have been 27 holes-in-one in Masters history, spanning the four par-3s at Augusta National. The 16th hole has the most, with 18, including three in 2016 alone. Read More: Who Has Most Career Holes-in-One on PGA Tour?

How many holes of golf do they play each day in the Masters?

Similar to the other majors, the tournament consists of four rounds at 18 holes each, Thursday through Sunday (when there are no delays).

Do they play the same holes each day at the Masters?

A different round is played each day. Each round is made up of 18 holes. Each hole has a 'par', which is the number of strokes a golfer should take to get the ball in the hole. The aim is to use the least number of strokes as you can - golfers want to be "under par".

Has anyone aced 12 at Augusta?

It has been 35 years since someone aced the 12th hole during competition. Claude Harmon (1947), amateur Bill Hyndman (1959) and Curtis Strange (1988) have aced the hole.

Has there ever been a hole-in-one on the 12th hole at Augusta?

Sepp Straka made a memory for a lifetime on Monday at Augusta National with a hole-in-one on the iconic par 3 12th hole at the Masters venue. The 12th, known as Golden Bell, is one of the most famous golf holes in the world, with the beautiful par 3 playing over the iconic Rae's Creek in the heart of Amen Corner.

What was the lowest winning round at the Masters?

The lowest score for a winner in Masters history is 20-under par. Dustin Johnson shot a final-round 68 in 2020 to break Tiger Woods' record of 18-under in the 1997 tournament.

What is the best round in Augusta history?

  • Jack Nicklaus, 1986. Nicklaus: 65. Field Average: 72.042. Differential: +7.042. Considered by many the best final round in Masters history. ...
  • Gay Brewer, 1967. Augusta National. Brewer: 67. Field Average: 74.2. Differential: +7.2. ...
  • Jack Burke, Jr., 1956. Burke: 71. Field Average: 78.26. Differential: +7.26.
Mar 28, 2023

How many miles to walk Augusta 18 holes?

18 holes at Augusta National works out to about 4.29 miles or 6.9 kilometers tee to green length. The course has been lengthed for the 2023 tournament to play 7,545 yards. The players playing in this year's Masters tournament will be walking about 5 miles for each round they're playing.

What hole is Hogan's Bridge?

Hogan's Bridge: This bridge leads to the green on the par-3 12th hole. It commemorates Ben Hogan's record-setting four-round low score of 274 that he shot in 1953. Nelson's Bridge: This bridge goes over the portion of the creek that runs in front of the 13th tee. It's in honor of Byron Nelson's 1937 Masters win.

Can you wear jeans to the Masters?

The official Masters dress code states that appropriate clothing and shoes should be worn at all times. Jeans are not allowed. Golf shoes with spikes are also not allowed. Only the players behind the ropes can wear them.

Can the public play Augusta?

Augusta National Golf Club is a private club and is only accessible to club members and their guests. The public may visit the course only during the Masters Tournament and only with the proper ticket or badge.

Can Masters winners play Augusta anytime?

An open-ended Augusta National invite

For as long as he lives, or as long as he can physically swing a club, every Masters winner can enter the tournament again every year.

What is the 4th hole of Augusta?

This hole is a stout par three that requires a long iron and is often made harder by deceptive winds. Two bunkers, front right and front left, guard the green, which slopes back to the front. The green was originally shaped like a boomerang.

What happens if an amateur wins the Masters?

Do Amateurs Get A Green Jacket For Winning The Masters? Yes, if an amateur does win The Masters they do get a Green Jacket, but don't get the $3,25 million payday that comes with it.

What are the toughest holes at Augusta?

Inside the 5 toughest holes at the Masters
  1. No. 12 – Golden Bell – 155-yard par-3. Rank in terms of difficulty: 4. ...
  2. No. 11 – White Dogwood – 520-yard par-4. Rank in terms of difficulty: 2. ...
  3. No. 4 – Flowering Crab Apple – 240-yard par-3. ...
  4. No. 10 – Camellia – 495-yard par-4. ...
  5. No. 5 – Magnolia – 495-yard par-4.
Mar 29, 2023

How much would it cost to play a round of golf at Augusta?

Single-day tickets were rough, too: a Wednesday practice round ticket was $1,616, and a Sunday tournament round was $1,160. There are also several companies that provide Masters experiences, where — for a hefty price — they'll take care of your tickets, lodging, transportation and more.

How much do caddies get at Augusta?

Typically, the caddie will receive 10% of the winning purse if their golfer wins the tournament. If their golfer comes in the top 10, they will receive 7% of the winning purse. Finally, the caddie will receive 5% of the winning purse if their golfer finishes outside of the top 10.

How much is a tee time at Augusta?

Green Fees at Augusta National Golf Course

According to Golf Digest, the initiation fee to join Augusta National is $30,000-$40,000. The green fees for a round of golf at Augusta National are $350 for members and their guests.

What is the 11th hole at Augusta called?

11th Hole at Augusta National: White Dogwood.

What is the 13th hole?

Hole No. 13 at Augusta National Golf Club is the first par-5 on the back nine and the last of the three holes that comprise "Amen Corner." It is a birdie hole and one of two great eagle opportunities (along with the 15th hole) for Masters Tournament golfers on the back nine.

What is the steepest hole at Augusta?

The hole that begins Augusta National Golf Club's back nine, the 10th hole, is the most-difficult one on the golf course by Masters Tournament scoring average. The 10th hole is a long par-4 that plays downhill from the teeing area. Its most recognizable feature is the huge bunker (60 yards long) short of the green.

What is the most popular hole at the Masters?

Arguably the most famous stretch of holes in golf, Augusta National's Amen Corner plays a key role in deciding the winner of the Masters.

How much is a membership at Augusta?

The Augusta National membership fees are relatively low for a club of its reputation. The initiation fee is estimated to be in the range of $40,000 - $200,000, but the official figure is unknown. And the yearly dues are assessed at “a few thousand” dollars annually, in the field of $7,000 to $10,000.

What is the name of the 15th hole at Augusta?

The name Firethorn comes from the multitude of thorns covering the branches. The tree is native to southern Europe. Jon Rahm of Spain and his caddie Adam Hayes walk down the No. 15 hole during the final round of the 2023 Masters Tournament at Augusta National Golf Club, Sunday, April 9, 2023.

What changes were made to the 13th hole at Augusta?

except this one will be a bit different. One of the most famous golf holes in the world -- the par-5 13th, "Azalea" -- has received a massive makeover. Azalea has been lengthened from 510 yards to 545 yards for the 87th Masters and beyond.

What did the Masters do to the 13th hole?

Augusta National Golf Club

The tinkering continues, including the lengthening of the par-4 fifth in the summer of 2018, the lengthening of the 11th and 15th holes in 2022, and the addition of 35 yards to the famed par-5 13th in 2023. What does an 'average' Masters champion look like?

What did they do to the 13th hole at Augusta?

This year, the Masters tradition will see its largest competitive change in some time. In an effort to blunt the slowly advancing forces of golf's equipment, the club has elected to move back the tee box on its famed par-5 13th hole by 35 yards.

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